The Mission

Indigo Vibes provides sacred pathways to finding your resonant vibration. In color psychology indigo represents wisdom, devotion, fairness, justices and impartiality. Each of our souls carry a vibration, a vibration influenced by relationships, stress, commitment, purpose and more. Live boldly in harmony with your resonant vibration allowing in the highest level of well-being. Through this work you will experience life changing practices that will change you not only on the inside, but on the outside too.


Meet Chelsea Fox

Indigo Vibes was created in September 2018 by Chelsea Fox. Chelsea struggled for many years with depression, anxiety, ego, scarcity mindset & much, much more. Through sacred practices of Ojibwa Native American culture, yoga, sound therapy, Reiki & meditation Chelsea discovered a pathway to a living a life of compassion & harmony. At Indigo Vibes you too can start a path of healing & confidence. Sacred pathways can be one path or many. Follow your heart & intuition to discover what you need.

Indigo vibes
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