Meet Chelsea Fox

Chelsea’s passion for wellness began as a teenager when her parents bought a gym. Teaching gym members about exercises and how to eat well came naturally to Chelsea so she pursued her degree in Exercise Science at Olivet College.

“In college I had no idea that I would one day be working with people in an energetic as well as physical health practice. “ - Chelsea

Through the practice of Resonant Frequency Therapy, Chelsea guides clients into a calm relaxed place of mind. Here in this deep relaxation one is able process emotional trauma like anxiety, depression or PTSD.

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Resonant Frequency Therapy

This one-hour private session is designed To create deep relaxation

Every human body emits a frequency. This frequency is created from the rhythm of the heartbeat, the transmitting of neurons from the brain to the body, the respiratory system, the emotional state of a person and the bodily functions. 

When we are fatigued, stressed, experiencing depression or anxiety our resonant frequency becomes out of tune. This can lead to discomfort or dis-ease within the body.

To relieve one of this discomfort finding relaxation and shift into the parasympathetic nervous system state is a must.


What you will experience:

  • .Calm, Peace and relaxation.

  • 10 minutes before and after to discuss where you are at emotionally and how you are feeling.

  • Wear comfortable clothes as you will remain fully clothed during the session.

  • 40 minutes of relaxation facilitated by Chelsea with meditation, affirmations and Reiki.

After care:

  • Plan to relax after a session. 

  • Avoid alcohol, nicotine or drugs

  • You may feel slightly fatigued

  • You may experience vivid dreams. Write them down.

  • You make experience some cold like symptoms that will pass in 24-48hrs


Is a Resonant Frequency Therapy Session Right for You?

You’ve been under a high level of stress from work or home life

You’ve experienced an emotional trauma from a relationship

You’ve lost someone close to you

You’re desiring massive transformation in your life

You’re a doer that never slows down which is finally catching up to you and you need to make time for self care

You’re a mom is desperate need of self care time for y.o.u.

You’re an entrepreneur.

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