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Imagine 24 hours in nature, 24 hours unplugged from the noise and demands of each day.

  Spending 24 hours tapped in, tuned in and turned on to the vibration of your soul as it harmonizes with Mother Nature.

Indigo Vibes founder Chelsea Fox & Megan Lendman are hosting a 24-hour adventure into the woods of the Manistee National Forrest between Cadillac and Manistee Michigan.  This retreat is an overnight camping trip packed with yoga practices, hiking, ceremonies & all the Earth connection your soul can handle.

From the first step on the path you will experience connection to the gentle sound of your soul as it is nurtured by Mother Nature.  Through yoga practices, workshops & ceremony we will tune into our authentic sound so when we exit the woods the following morning, we can carry this vibration into our lives.

Can you hear it?  She’s calling…

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Your Teachers

Chelsea Fox

From a young age Chelsea felt a strong connection to the vibration of the world around her. In her mid-20’s she found her spirit learning from friends who are members Little River Band of Ottawa Indians in Manistee. These teachings made Chelsea feel a wholeness she had never felt before about herself and her life. Learning to live in harmony with the cosmos and divine energy around us is a daily progression of connection for us all. As her teachers taught her, Chelsea is dedicated to sharing the teachings of the good ways so others may find their light. Through yoga and sound therapy meditation, Chelsea hopes to inspire the vibration inside others.

Megan Lendman

Megan comes from a long line of women healers, both indigenous and immigrant. As a Certified Sacred Women’s Circle Creatrix, Professional Photographer, and through her family’s naturopathic practice The Remedy House, she holds space for women to be their authentic selves and heal from the inside out. During circles and workshops led by Megan, you can expect to laugh, cry, and be seen for who you really are — with no judgment.


What is Included?

-guided hiking and overnight camping experience in the Manistee National Forest

-guided meditations and mindfulness discussions

-morning and evening yoga sessions

-foraging and herbal medicine workshop

-manifestation workshop

-fire ceremony

-sacred sounds ceremony

-space to simply enjoy nature and unwind


-ancestral songs and teachings

-free time to swim in the river, read a book, meditate or take your own hike


During this retreat, you will experience nature’s calming ability to unwind along side powerful women’s workshops that will inspire you to connect deeper with yourself, others, and nature. The workshops are geared toward igniting your inner voice bringing you to harmony, connection, and empowerment. There will be free time to enjoy the natural splendor the Manistee National Forest has to offer you and time to mingle with other women to form lasting memories making new friends. This retreat falls during the full moon in August that will further illuminate our wild selves.

Let go of the weight of the city and spend a night under the stars listening to the sound of the Manistee river. Surrounded by women allow your femininity to emerge and unwind the strong hold of stressful schedules and environmental toxins of the city.Show up as yourself and leave more mindful, calmer, and with more clarity.

Dates & Times

August 17 & 18, 2019

Arrival 9am August 17th.

Hike, practice yoga, workshops & ceremony all day on the 17th.

August 18th depart from the trail around 2pm.


Will I need to bring food for myself?

Yes, we are providing early morning snacks on the first day to make sure everyone is hydrated and full of energy for the hike to our camping spot. You will need to provide lunch, dinner, and breakfast for yourself for the rest of the retreat. In the packing list, we have included suggestions for delicious and lightweight backpacking meals. 

Where are we staying?

We are staying at Twin Oaks Campground. When you sign up you will get an email with the campground address and agenda for the day.

What will the yoga be like?

There will be three opportunities to practice yoga led by Chelsea Fox. The sessions will be geared toward leading you to mindfulness and relaxation while stretching and preparing your body for hiking. 

Do I need my own tent?

Yes, as this is a camping centric experience, will need to provide your own tent or hammock.  

Who is this trip for? 

This trip is for women ready to discover their soul’s authentic sound and vibration.

Have more questions?

Email us at

Workshops You Will Experience

Herbal Medicine 101

In this workshop, Megan Lendman will share her experience and knowledge of the medicinal and spiritual aspects of the plant kingdom You can expect to walk away with the basic guidelines of foraging, how to identify several native Michigan medicinal herbs and their uses, as well as a discussion on the spiritual aspects of plants. 

 Reclaim Your Voice Ceremony

Using the sacred sound of your own voice in this workshop Chelsea will guide you through the sounds of each chakra.  Beginning at the root chakra working our way to the crown chakra this workshop will clear energetic blockages and reconnect you with the sound of your personal vibration.  

Goddess Unveiled Workshop

Who do you see in the mirror? Who is holding the mirror? How many mirrors do you look into on a daily basis? In this workshop, Megan Lendman will talk about how our image affects us on a daily basis and how it ultimately manifests the outcome of our lives. As part of this workshop, participants will get the opportunity to discuss freely a topic that is taboo and difficult to acknowledge in a way that is fun and inviting. Together we will do a group photo shoot where we will work to get passed the voices in our head that dictate how we look but are not our own.  Megan will hold the mirror for you lifting the weight of judgment to allow your true authenticity to shine. 

Shamanic Journey Meditation & Full Moon Ceremony

Around the fire, under the stars Chelsea will guide you on a journey into the mind to discover sacred truths about yourself.  Find your authentic vibration in this meditation.  Following the meditation will be a full moon ceremony to solidify our connect to our authentic vibration.

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Ready to Root into Your Sole?


August 17 & 18, 2019