Sacred Pathways


Pathway Development Sessions

Going through a spiritual awakening or an up leveling of consciousness? I’m here to help. When these things started happening to me I have a few people that I could always turn too & that was critical for me. During a spiritual awakening one can feel lonely, disconnected from friends or family because they have risen to a knew pathway of thinking or living. This often creates a struggle for us with our friends, co-workers and families because they might not get why we have these new passions or why we want to discuss our feelings so much. I’ve been there, but know you are not alone. These sessions are done via a free video conference service. Together we discuss what is on your heart and learn a sacred pathway to easing the discomfort or to enhance the vibrant awesome things in your life.


Private Parties & Special Events

A bride in search of a fun bachelorette party idea? Do you want to get a group of friends together at your house or the local beach and needing a teacher for a fun class? Are you a business looking for a unique marketing event? Together we will brainstorm a fun event theme and name specific to your party’s interest. Check out past events on our Facebook page. Contact us today to step your special event or party today.

Chelsea fox drum

Drum Circles & Guided Meditation 

What is a drumming meditation circle you ask? Chelsea guides you in meditation as she plays her Native American Ojibwa hand drum following the heart beat rhythm for a grounding peaceful experience. During this meditation healing of emotional trauma or clearing mental blockages takes place in a gentle way. The drum is the oldest instrument used in the practice of sound/music therapy.

Chelsea fox sound therapy

Resonant Frequency Online Course

Resonant Frequency Training is Chelsea’s first online course crafted around understanding your personal vibration. Inside this 35 minute (ish) course Chelsea breaks down:

  • What is a resonant vibration

  • How the vibration of plants help us

  • Meditation practices for tuning your vibration

If you have been feeling off or a decline in energy this course will teach you tools to bring your energy levels up. Why not live at your best vibration? Right?